• DLP technology.
  • Custom optics to adapt to your facility.
  • Lightweight aluminum Faraday cage with Opti-Shield technology to ensure no RF/EMI leaks through optical window.
  • One-Link technology enables all control and data to be transferred through one (1) double-shielded CAT cable.


  • Based on pneumatic transduction of mechanical waves.
  • Shielded transducer eliminates RF/EMI.
  • Low profile noise protection headphones.
  • One-way Intercom to communicate with the patient.

Patient response

  • Based on fiber-optic data transfer.
  • 4-button response unit.
  • Contains no electrical components (no RF/EMI).
  • Customizable to meet your needs.


  • Administer and control fMRI study stimulus.
  • fMRI post-processing.
  • PACS interaction.
  • Central control for all devices.
  • All-in-one: The Tesla1 system is used to provide audio-visual stimulus for fMRI or patient entertainment during conventional anatomical MRI procedures.
  • Perfect fit: Each Tesla1 system is customized for your facility by our engineers for optimal performance.
  • MR Safe: All devices are shielded to avoid RF/EMI interference. This ensures acquisition of quality images and safe operation in a magnetic environment.
  • Simple and easy: The Tesla1 modular design makes it easy to operate and maintain. Everything can be controlled from our fMRI workstation.